Friday, June 10, 2005

Not just Gays - Abortion too - ELCA church leaving

One congregation (Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Columbus, Nebraska) recently voted to leave the ELCA. Their story is chronicled here.

I can understand WHY they are going. I wondered WHERE they are going. LCMC it seems.


Anonymous said...

I recently left my LCMS congregation as it was inviting ELCA pastors to fill in and planning Lenten worship with Albany NY ELCA churches.
We had to read in council meetings a book called POWER SURGE, by ELCA pastor Michael Foss. On pages 121-123 it talks about a lady who left her congregation as she was at odds with the parish's pro-Choice stance.The congregation did not reach out to her and she left because her understanding of Scripture was orthodox and apostalically odds with the contemporary and miscontrued teachings of the ELCA body. I predict many ELCA parishes will leave the synod, as the Holy SPirit seems to have left their synod leadership.It distresses me that the moniker "Lutheran" is associated with such ungodly and unchristian stances.

Preachrboy said...

And where are you headed? To another, more orthodox LCMS church or somewhere else?