Monday, June 20, 2005

Hymn - "Shall We Go On With Our Sinning?"

"Shall We Go On With Our Sinning?"
(Hymn #415 “All Depends on Our Possessing” from LW)
Based on Romans 6:1b-11

Shall we go on with our sinning?
No, we have a new beginning.
For in Christ we’ve been baptized.
We are therefore with him buried,
Dead to all the sins we carried,
So in his new life we rise.

We, in Christ, are recreated,
From sin’s slav’ry liberated,
Our old self is crucified.
By this mystical connection,
We join in his resurrection,
For with Christ we’re unified.

Jesus Christ who lives forever,
Died but once, and now shall never,
Die again; he lives on high.
Death had mastery, but no longer,
For our Jesus is much stronger,
And in Him, we are alive.

© Thomas E. Chryst, 2005.

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