Friday, June 03, 2005


Received this recent communique'. Sounds like an interesting idea to me.

Introducing the Alliance of Evangelical Lutheran Laypeople (AELLP)
An Alliance of Evangelical Lutheran Lay People has been formed to
inform, educate and encourage fellow Evangelical Lutherans regarding
issues of concern in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS).

In order to accomplish this purpose, lay people will write about the
major issues in the church, striving to be factual rather than
expressing personal opinions. Each month, articles will be published
in our AELLP Newsletter, which will be e-mailed to congregations. An
e-mail list of lay people who wish to receive the newsletter and other
communications has also been created. Anyone interested in being
placed on the e-mail list may sign up on our website at There will also be links to related materials.

Our hope is that Pastors will share these newsletters with their
congregations through church bulletins or inclusion with church
newsletters. We also hope that laity will sign up for AELLP mailing
lists so that they might read, learn, and share the information with
fellow members of the Body of Christ, especially their Pastors (who
might not know of the AELLP yet).

In addition to our newsletters the AELLP will host Confessional
Lutheran Forums in order to discuss topics of concern within the
Missouri Synod in more detail. We will be recording these forums and
making the audio recordings available online through Lutheran
Conversations ( so that those unable
to attend can benefit from what was discussed.

Please visit our website at in order to sign up for
our mailing lists. While there, you can view information on our
upcoming forums, as well as past forums that have been held. We have
also provided what we hope is a solid list of Confessional Lutheran
links for further enrichment.

In Christ,

The Alliance of Evangelical Lutheran Lay People

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