Monday, June 13, 2005

Hymn - "Help Us, Jesus, Not To Fear Them,"

Help Us, Jesus, Not To Fear Them,
Tune: Austria
(“Glorious Things of You Are Spoken”
Hymn # 294 from Lutheran Worship)
Based on Matthew 10:24-33

Help us, Jesus, not to fear them,
Who would ridicule your name.
They who cast aspersions on you,
And would do to us the same.
Is a servant oe’r his master?
But the student does aspire,
To be ever like his teacher,
Like the one whom he admires.

Help us, Jesus, not to fear them,
Who our bodies seek to kill.
Rather make us rightly reverent,
Of the One who saves from Hell.
For what you have told in secret,
For what once was so concealed,
You would have us shout from rooftops,
That your mercy is revealed.

Help us, Jesus, not to fear then,
For the sparrows though they fall,
God the Father knows each of them.
How much more does God know all,
Those who fear him, and in Jesus,
Whose eternal life is spared?
If our very hairs are numbered,
We can surely trust your care.

Help us, Jesus, to acknowledge,
You as Lord before all men,
You as Savior, You who suffered,
You who died for us and then,
Rose forever, now ascended,
Seated with the Lord on high.
Then according to your promise,
Tell your Father, “These are mine!”

© Thomas E. Chryst, 2005.


Bob Waters said...

Well done!

Blaisteach said...

Thank you for drawing my attention to you, by the way.

I had to cast around a bit to find the music you cited, but that is very nicely written. Personally, something that has troubled me recently is a trend I have noticed in some quarters which involves an undue hostility toward "them" who are said to oppose Christ and Christianity -- help us, then, not only not to fear them, but also to love them -- but I wasn't disturbed in that way by these words.

I'll echo Bob: Well done.