Friday, March 31, 2006

Sidebar, Blogroll, Etc...

Made some updates and changes here, just thought I would point them out:

Added to sidebar:

1. The website for our forthcoming hymnal, "Lutheran Service Book". I am really excited about this well-prepared resource for the church.

2. The "Lutheran Liturgical Wiki". A Wiki is a collaborative, open-source reference. Thanks to Pastor Petersen of Cyberstones for the idea and the execution on this one.

3. Updated blogroll, as usual, simply stealing from the Ask the Pastor blogroll. Thanks, Pastor Snyder!

4. Check out my article near the back of the recent Higher Things Magazine. "Dropping the G-Bomb" is the title. (You gotta get the magazine - it's not available on the net!)
I may soon get around to posting a sermon I preached, which is really an adaptation of that article.

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