Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NCAA Picks

Here they are..

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Lynn of St. John's said...

??? Are these LAST YEARS GAMES ? Is this a Test ??? Aren't these just predictions ? According to my calendar it's only AD 2006 March 18, how can anyone predict the winning teams of future games that haven't taken place yet ? Only God knows about future events? If this is a prediction for this years games Pastor, don't these people at Yahoo remember Balaam ? Don't they remember that God's Word warns us not to be false prophets ? We live in a world of mystics, using cards, tea bags, stars, cristal balls, etc. to predict the future. We're instructed by God to speak the truth in the same way He came to correct Balaam we are to gently correct one another. Trying to predict the future can seem like fun when it's only a basket ball game but if it becomes a habit it can become self distructive. Crossing bridges before they come brings about fear,anxiouty, stress, and worry all things that rob us of the peace and joy that our Savior Jesus Christ died to redeem us from. He says,"Therefore do not be anxious about tomarrow, for tomarrow will be axious for itself.Sufficient for the day is it's own trouble." and James parrots our Lord with these words found in the Holy Bible : " yet you do not know what tomarrow will bring. What is your life ? You are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes." James 4:14
Forgive me,I'm not much of a sports fan I guess, I've been to my share of games and I've had fun but I tend to wonder how so many MILLIONS of people on earth can spend so much money on pleasure, beer and hot dogs , cheering and booing ??? Isn't it wonderful that God judges our hearts, He knows which people in the croud belong to His invisable church, all our human eye can see is a mass of flesh like a forest of trees or a path of stones.Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day, my husband Don and I baby sat for our grandchildren so their parents were able to celebrate. We watched some of the KU Basketball game, the fans were going wild in the stands and it was all very exciting, some Pentecostal's and Charismatic's get that zealous about Jesus during their worship experiance, like little children at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade when candy is thrown out into a crowd as a float passes by. In the beginning I was that way too a think until God began to open my eyes and put His reverance for Christ in my heart. What a joy it must have been for the believers to have been at the first Palm Sunday Parade, actually being right there to cheer for Jesus as He came by on his donkey, wow what an experiance. Surely the dead in Christ and all the heavenly hosts of angels have that experiance every moment in Heaven arround His throne. To think ...if we were to be made to be silent , the very stones would cry out with praise for Jesus. Wow ! Tomarrow when I go to church I hope I remember some of these things, it isn't our tradition to draw attention to ourselves by being disruptive and loud during our Lutheran Worship but like Martha who was pregnant with John the Baptist, our infant spirits living inside us can leap for joy knowing Jesus is coming soon. We don't know when but we know it's soon. This may be the season of Lent but we are constantly in the season of the Second Advent of expectation, we see the signs of His church, the true word being taught, baptisms and the Holy meal being served.Amazing how afraid of His coming I use to be about 25 years ago and now it's all very exciting, He could come for me right now, I'm just a mist this could be my last little love note, just the thought causes my eyes to get misty. Yesterday my boss sent me an e-mail saying that I was cluttering up cyberspace by sending out my messages. Amazing isn't it,no support , no encouragement she wants me to just shut up on the other hand on the same day a fellow teach e-mailed to say that she was thankful for the e-mails. One person was confussed thinking I'm trying to draw attention to myself, the other person was not confussed and they stay focussed on Jesus. I'm only like Balaam's ass or like the ass our Lord had need of. I'm just thankfu I am His and not someone elses.