Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ford and Gays

Wow. My wife stumbled across this website: http://www.boycottford.com/

Apparently Ford is DEEPLY involved in promotion of the homosexual agenda.
Go to the website and check out some of the picutres of their ads (if you can stand it!).

Now, I don't typically go around endorsing boycotts. Faithful Christians could probably find fault with almost any well-known company. But really. Doesn't this seem a little over the top?

By the way, if you mispell the website, with only one "t" in "boycott", it takes you to a gay and lesbian marriage website. Great...


Lynn of St. John's said...

We don't need a cristal ball to predict what these sick individual who are blinded by the devil through their sexual appitites are leading to. Will we be ready to be of service to them when they are sick, when they are tired , when our Lord heals their eyes and they see themselves as sinners ? Are we be ready to be good neighbors who are ready to pick them up and take them to Jesus in prayer or will be choose another way? A few weeks ago it accured to me that purverts are allowed to have babys in their care, many children suffer from sex crimes every year they are mulested by family members and friends. Same Sex Marrage for gays and lesbians is onely the tip of the iceburge , as I see it we can expect these crazy people to adopt children and these children are the very ones we are to be bring to Jesus in prayer ,remembering: suffer the little children and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of God. The LCMS is like a mother bringing her children to Jesus, the Christ, so that He will bless them with His touch of mercy and grace, something their little world knows nothing about. Having been hospitalized for insanity several years ago didn't seem like a good thing at the time but now I realize why God let me dispare , other wise I could not have seen for myself the true human condition,I had set myself in a comfortable possition where I was prideful of all my accomplishments,most homosexuals are proud of themselves , making excusses for thier actions. All vice tempts us to justify it's self,be it sex, ponograhy, drugs, glutteny ,alcohal, smoking,hate, it's all the same. Thank God He is in heaven on His throne alive and well getting ready to send out His angels from the four winds to gather His sheep from the goats. More and more I realize how much we are in the end times, it is as in the days of noah and like you have said Pastor Chryst Jesus is our Sabboth rest from all this crap that is every where around us and often within us. Being part of the Christian church is like a breath of fresh air, a drink of water to a thirsty soul, and the hand of God to rescue us from sin death and the devil.Funerals become a blessing to those who have children born with birth defects, brain damage and cancer that have no cure on earth yet. Parents pray that their children won't be left here to suffer but that Jesus will come and come quickly to set them free from their tents that cause them pain and suffering.I would no nothing about all of this if God would have allowed me to remain in my comfort zone where I was happy decorating my house, fixing meals , sewing, shopping,planning birthday parties, doing crafts with my boy scouts and brownies,going on family vacations
etc. I see now that I needed to come down off my high horse for awhile so that He could give me more compassion for people who maynot not know Him yet or how much He loves them.The LCMS Child Ministry has gone on record as saying our mission is to see that our mission is to share the love of Jesus with ALL children. On behalf of Windows Ministry it is important that we support that statemant and include even the poor kids that get adopted by a homosexual or even a child who may be a clone if the future should hold such a child. Let us not be like the desciples who would tell Jesus to make them go away when thir mothers bring them to Jesus. These are children who may be wearing a smile on the outside but inside they are hurting. Do you know anyone who would be interested in being a Pastor,coach,leader or family involved in the LCMS Child Ministry " Windows Ministry " ? Anyone in the LLL or LWML, Stephan's Ministry,the Board of Parish Education ?

Eric C. said...

Well, since opposing homosexuality is NOT what MAKES me a Christian, I think I will add the Ford 500 to the list of cars I intend to consider when I buy one next month.

After all, I would not want to align myself with the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses who also no doubt support (at least implicitly) such a boycott.

Homosexuals are merely unbelievers, in need of God's grace.

The stupidity of Christians never ceases to amaze me.