Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ostapowich on Women

What is the scriptural (and therefore Lutheran) understanding of the role of women?

Perhaps one of the best explanations I have heard is from Ms. Sandra Ostapowich, who once aspired to be an ELCA pastor herself. Here is a paper she presented on the subject - well worth the read!


Lynn of St. John's said...

Honestly I have no idea why any woman on earth would ever want to be a Pastor ? I picked up a copy of the Voters Assemby Meeting along with a a copy of a draft for a new constitution that will be voted on tonight at our Lutheran School where I work for my husband to read at home. I'm just the bone of His bone, his help meet but you know He's going through a midlife crisses and is stuggling with his identity now that he is retirment age,we have pep talks almost every day now to keep him from becoming depressed about not being unemployment and out of a job sense november. My job for almost 40 years has been to be his comforter to remind him of our Lord's love for him and all that the Bible says because he doesn't tend to read it for himself and when he does read it he has a temper and hears law more often than he hears the grace God would have him to hear.Like Mary, Martha's sister I listen to my Pastor's and DCE Hintz and then take their messages home to share with Don.He comes to church but doesn't always listen very well.

Ruth and Naomi are the woman I admire, Naomi had respect for Boaz she only hoped to glean in his fields. Grandma Ruth was their child care provider.

If I offend you Pastor please forgive me and I will shut up.

Preachrboy said...

What is possibly offensive in what you have said?

Lynn of St. John's said...

Could be I just want you to know , I was booted off of a Lutheran MSN Group last year because one of the Pastors kept thinking I was being sarcastic and arguementative, I appologized but I was removed anyway. Oh well that's all water under the bridge so to speek. Getting back to your message about woman, the woman in the LWML circles and Lutheran world relief have my total respect. These dear ladies at my church have always been the finest examples of womanhood,in the past fifteen years they've let me help with funeral dinners, sew quilts, serve on the altar guild and put spanish large print Bibles together and Monthly Church News Letters. In the 13 pages of Ms.Sandra's article I don't remember her listing the LWML or Sunday School Teachers, what a blessing our female Sunday school teachers are to a congregation and our child care providers in the nursery. I'll read her article again maybe I just over looked it.