Monday, April 03, 2006

Does something seem wrong with this?

From the "I don't make this stuff up" files:

I just received a free "sample" in the mail. Three of these:

Aside from it being juice, not wine, does this bug anyone else?


David Eaton said...

Nothing like giving out crumbs of bread for communion. Those wafers have to be tiny! Also, our Lord did not "take juice and give thanks". I'll take my sacraments from my spiritual leaders as well, and this seems to smack of not needing a pastor to administer the sacrament. Just the humble layperson's opinion.

Preachrboy said...

Actually the wafers are not THAT small... they are smaller than the ones we use... maybe if ours are like a 50 cent piece, these are the size of a nickel.

But I am bothered by the packaging. It just reminds me of those McDonald's salads that come in the plastic cup... something's wrong there too.

Andrew said...

Seems disturbing to me. Especially if you look at what churches that use them are saying. More or less it says it is convenient and saves time making it possible to commune people. Seems like something is wrong about the focus of the gift there.