Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wikipedia on LCMS

Was busy adding the Lutheran Blog Directory to the Wikipedia page on Lutheranism, when I found this interesting passage regarding the LCMS:

"There are internal struggles within the LCMS, but this, in turn, is prompting what is considered by some a new reformation within that body."

Reformation? Really?


Jim Roemke said...

I think everybody, at some time within Lutheran circles, especially within the LCMS, has some sort of Luther delusion. "Oh, boy, when can I nail 95 Theses to the door too?"
And I think some people take issues and greatly exaggerate them to give them some sense of meaning and purpose. Everybody wants to leave their mark, sometimes the mark they leave though is no more than some piss on the wheels.

Lynn of St. John's said...

I'm going to agree with Webster's English Dictionary that says that " reform " is an act that puts an end to evil by enforcing or abandonment of evil ways, a removal or correction of an abuse, a wrong, or errors; As I write this message the sound effects of the movie The Passion of the Christ is on Show Time. If this were His kingdom we would fight for it, but He has gone to prepare a place for us and He will return for us just as He has said He will.
When we die and go to Heaven that will be the one and only real reformation ; being improved by change of form and removal of fauts forever to the glory of Christ alone and no other.

BE OFF Ye scurvy dog!! said...

what a stupid wiki analysis