Monday, June 12, 2006

Convention Part 2

Not much to report today. I left the convention early because I am suffering from a major head-cold or something. I also have little voice yet, and was not a voting delegate anyway. So I may or may not go tomorrow, but I will post here what I learn when I learn it.

The only resolution worth mentioning was the overwhelming passage of the "Ablaze! goals" for the district. 1.5 million is our "share" now, I suppose.

Oh, and some more of those resolutions made it back out of Omnibus, particularly the ones relating to the objectionable CCM opinions (the ones never dealt with by the last Synod convention). The floor committee returned them with some substantial changes from the overture's original intent. We will see what happens....

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Ryan S. said...

Lutherans aren't as Lutheran as Martin Luther, the original Lutheran. ;-)

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