Monday, June 19, 2006

How would you have answered?

I just had an unusual Instant Messenger (IM) conversation with someone who contacted me out of the blue. Read our brief exchange below, and tell me, how would you have answered? I'm not sure I gave the best or the worst, but I think it's worth discussing:

candlelightman4: dose your church except gay im lookin for a church
Preachrboy: what do you mean

candlelightman4: sorry im new to area
candlelightman4: im agay man
Preachrboy: we believe active homosexuality is against the teaching of the Bible

candlelightman4: ok thanks
Preachrboy: no problem
candlelightman4: i just wonded thanks god bless
candlelightman4: sorry to bother you
Preachrboy: no bother
candlelightman4: have agreat day
Preachrboy: you too
candlelightman4: thanks


Tom Becker said...

Romans 4:5 - God justifies the wicked.

Maybe a, 'we are a church for sinners/for the broken' might be a better way to start.

I'm not minimizing the gay issue nor am I approving of the lifestyle, but lust, envy, greed, gluttony, etc... is also against the teaching of the bible. Romans 3 - all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

How about - We're a bible believing church that belives Jesus died to forgive sinners?

Preachrboy said...

yeah, I was thinking,

"active homosexuality is against the teaching of the Bible... but... Jesus offers forgiveness to repentant sinners"

Might have been better.

I do think the individual was probably not repentant, so perhaps the law angle was more appropriate here. Snap decision, I guess.

I think, honestly, I would have answered similarly if someone had simply said, "I am an adulterer, does your church teach that's ok? Cause I am looking for a church"

Anyone else?

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Does the church accept gays? Yes, along with murderers, thieves, liars, etc.

Does the church accept sexual immorality, murder, stealing, lying? No. :)

Ditto what you all said.