Sunday, June 11, 2006

South Wisconsin District Convention: Part 1

Today was the opening of our convention here in the South Wisconsin District.

The following were elected:

Rev. John Wille, District President

1st VP
Rev. Randy Raasch

2nd VP
Rev. Fred Bischoff

3rd VP
Rev. Jeff Meyer (son of retiring DP Ron Meyer)

4th VP
Rev. Larry Myers (defeated sitting 1st VP Jack Struve by a narrow margin- about 2 votes?)

Motions to remove overtures from omnibus resolution have begun. So far, only the overture on homosexuality was sucessfully removed, and sent back to the floor committee. More attempts will certainly follow.

Other than the schedule running about an hour over, and some minor difficulties with the electronic voting (vis-a-vis the number of delegates registered), not much has happened yet.

I will report again tomorrow.

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