Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reality TV?

This one's just for fun...

What if the Bible were used for "reality TV" show ideas?

We might see....

REALITY programming?

The Bachelor: (in Australia, “The Bridegroom”) Roses are doled out left and right as our Bachelor explains – “They are all part of ‘the Bride’ – the men too!”

Fear Factor: Angel Gabriel as guest host, but loses his job after continually encouraging “Fear Not!” Next Week: Firey Furnace Challenge.

Average Joe: A Tax Collector, A Fisherman and a Zealot compete for top honors. Twist at the end. Last will be first.

The Biggest Loser: St. Paul makes his case: beaten, stoned, imprisoned, “thorn in the flesh”. Oh wait, this is about losing weight???

Joe Millionaire: Afterlife episode set in “Abraham’s Bosom”, special guest Lazarus. See how it ends!

Trading Spouses: Will the “She’s my sister” line work a 3rd time? Find out in this week’s episode.

Canaanite Idol: There are many “Idols”, but don’t be fooled! Go for the real thing.

The Apprentice: Elisha watches the boss’s dramatic retirement on our final episode. This one’s hot!

Extreme Makeover, Temple Edition: Don’t miss the action as this “Den of Thieves” gets the once-over.

Survivor: Screaming mob votes innocent man off the island. He declines to use his immunity. Instead, surviving after 3 days, offers immunity to those who sought his demise.

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