Friday, February 10, 2006

Mocking Mohammed, Mocking Christ?

An excellent blog post from Wretched of the Earth, quoting and commenting on yet another post. The topic:

Being mocked is Christ's work, not Muhammad's

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Lynn of St. John's said...

Remembering that Jesus has told us that what ever we have done to the least of these his bretheran , we have done unto Him: A few months ago my mother was in a nursing home in pain from a hip replacement. One night she had an axiouty attack and the nurse chose to "Mock" her pain instead of comfort her. I've also witnessed preschool teachers and parents
"Mock" their children when they are sick and tired of the child's misbehavior and loose their better judgement and go on tilt. It's cruel and it's mean, but nothing like the amplified Mocking that our Savior Jesus Christ indured for our sake during His life here on earth. As I get it from reading history, Mohammed was a real person,I'm sure he had to bear his share of tribulation being an antichrist as he was, but rest assured, there's no way Mohammed will ever be mocked to the same degree as the Son of God on the cross, who suffered for the sin of the world.