Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Excuses for Sleeping in Church

Thanks to fellow Lutheran Blogger, David Yow, for the following humor:


Good Excuses for Sleeping in Church (depending on the church)
The folks at Wittenburg Door have been keeping track:

  • Good thing I'm a contemplative!
  • Whoa! The Third Heaven is so cool. There's—whoops, sorry. They told me not to tell.
  • Isn't this the healing service for narcolepsy?
  • I was testing to see if my new Bible cover is, uh, waterproof.
  • The church espresso machine is on the blink.
  • I wasn't really asleep—just blinded by the pastor's forehead.
  • I was entering into the Sabbath Rest.
  • Well, excuse me for staying up all night Saturday in prayer.
  • I was getting in touch with my inner Bible study.
  • I always snore when I'm slain in the Spirit.

1 comment:

Lutheran Lucy said...

I will have dreams every now and then of falling asleep in church and slumping down in the pew! Thank goodness it is only a dream! In real life I can usually stay awake during the sermons unless I stay up way too late the night before! Early service tomorrow will be here before I know it so I better get to bed soon. Otherwise my dream really may come to life! :)