Friday, February 17, 2006

Agape Press on Homosexuality and Alcoholism

'Ex-Gay' Ministry Leader Finds ECUSA Bishop's Alcohol Problem Unsurprising

An interesting article about Stephen Bennet, an "ex-gay" ministry advocate.

Here's an excerpt:
Through his advocacy, the SBM founder and spokesman tries to communicate both to homosexuals and to the general public that no one is born homosexual and that, through the power of Christ, freedom from that lifestyle is attainable. Having left that lifestyle himself 12 years ago, he attests that he is "completely free of homosexual thoughts, actions and desires and completely happy" as the heterosexual man God created him to be.

Interesting how the power of Christ is not about forgiveness, but freedom from the lifestyle (and happiness, of course).


Lynn of St. John's said...

Remember the 20 Christian Questions prepared by Dr. Martin Luther for those who intend to go to the Sacrament of the Altar ? I was reading them just the other day. I've never been a Lezbian but I use to smoke three packs of cigaretts and I remember the tarrible guilt feelings that came over me when I learned my body was the temple of God. I begged God to help me stop and He did. I was really sorry I had spent 15 years of my life in a sinful condition and I felt like I was forgiven by God, remembering Jesus" Neither do I condemn you;go, and from now on sin no more." Later when I tried to tell people that God helped me quite smoking , I actually thought they would praise our Father in Heaven. Wrong , they only congradulated me, as if I had told them because I was bragging about my own achievement. That sure wasn't my goal; I thought it would make me "happy" if I stopped smoking but it didn't really. I still had tribulations, I still had days of depression and fear of death. I still had problems, God may have liberated me from that one sin but what about all the other sins ? I could clean my act up and it literly drove me crazy trying to. Maybe this guy, who had been a queer isn't communicating his complete experiance of repentance, confession and absolution. Maybe he's still in the process of learning about how bad it can be, trying to please God, by our own works of the law. without putting his complete trust in the work Jesus Christ did for him on the cross. Maybe He really isn't as "happy" as he might be trying to lead others to believe he is, and needs our prayers. He might still be feeling quilty trying to seek comfort for his in ability to forgive himself for having been a queer.

Preachrboy said...

Who knows? I would hope that confession and absolution of sin come into play in this man's "ministry". I just find it typical that an Evangelical type publication like this focuses on the works, not the forgiveness of sin.

I don't doubt that involvement in homosexuality brings with it a host of other problems - ramifications - consequences. Statistics show it to be a "high-risk behavior". I don't have them on hand, but have read about gay men suffering from higher rates of depression and suicide. So alcoholism doesn't surprise me either.

Lynn of St. John's said...

Yes that's true and in addition to what you've said ,the net of woe for the gat population here in Topeka Kansas have to indure constant picketing from the Fred Phelps cult. However all the rest of us in the LCMS have to put up with Fred also. Today Faith Lutheran LCMS had a Funeral and there was Fred's group with all their God Hate Fag signs. Well it just goes to show we aren't in heaven yet.

Lynn of St. John's said...

I have a question :
In some states Homosexuals are allowed to adopt children. As Facilitators for the LCMS Children's Ministry "Windows Ministry" there might be a day when my husband and I might incounter such a parent.( One time I had a garage sale and a homosexual came to by my highheal shoes, it frightened me and I've never had anymore garage sales. ) Now The Bible says that only a hirerling will run when they see the wolf coming so I want to be prepared for the possibility of a homosexual parent wanting to become part of LCMS Children's Ministry " Windows Ministry ", a group that is not suppose discriminate people on age,race,color,national or ethnic origin.

Discrimination of Gender is not on the list ,so would that be the way out of an uncomfortable situation ?

Or would God want us to care about the child , who is not in control of such a situation ?

Preachrboy said...

Well, I guess it depends on what you mean by "discrimination".

Do we change our beliefs or accomodate what the Bible says to appease someone living in a sinful lifestyle? Certainly not.

But that is an entirely different quesiton from, "how do we treat them?"

Christians always aim to speak truth, but to do it in love. How this would play out in any given situation in which we relate to a homosexual person depends on a number of factors. For instnace: sometimes a homosexual person needs to hear the Law, sometimes the Gospel. To know when and how to say these takes soem discernment.

I appreciate your concern for the care of the child here too. But we must always act consistently with our beliefs, and respect the vocation of the parents too. Not always an easy balance to strike.