Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hymn - "Christ Is Alive!"

Christ Is Alive!
By Rev. Thomas Chryst
(tune, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”)

Christ is alive, no more suffering, for “it is finished!”
Christ is alive, love increasing, and sorrow diminished.
How great our joy!
Our highest praises employ!
Jesus our Savior is risen.

Christ is alive, his great sacrifice, God has accepted.
By his blood shed for us, we are no longer rejected.
Yes, now he lives!
And to his people he gives,
Life so renewed and perfected.

Christ is alive, he who laid in the tomb has arisen.
Hearken you foes: Sin and Satan, your kingdom is riven.
Death, you are dead!
Jesus was slain in our stead.
Now you have lost your dominion.

Christ is alive, and his people will share in his raising,
At the last trumpet, all flesh join together in praising,
Jesus our Lord,
Who has been true to his word,
His love and power displaying.

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