Wednesday, April 23, 2008

National Day of Prayer

A couple years ago I commented on the National Day of Prayer.

I noticed this year that someone - without asking or telling us - placed a yard sign in our church lawn advertising the event. A bit perturbed, I took the sign down.

I'm sure whoever did this means well - as I am sure that all who are involved in the NDP events mean well. But isn't it a little presumptuous of them?

Note Bene: I have nothing against Christians of all stripes being encouraged to pray, or to pray for our nation and its leaders. My problems with the event come from the unionistic flavor. Why must we all gather together? What is the point, if not to profess a unity that really is lacking?

Will the Roman Catholic ask us to pray to or through Mary or some other saint? Will the Baptist pray that people would ask Jesus into their hearts (decision theology)? I mean, I could put together a nice Lutheran prayer laced with sacramental theology and such, but I'm not sure that would sit well with all the other Christians.

I also balk especially at the Fundamentalist/Dispensationalist assumptions that non-Christians (in particular, Jews) have any standing before God apart from Christ. Notice how inconspicuous Jesus Christ crucified for sinners is in all the NDP festivities?

Lastly, it appears there are some fuzzy lines here when it comes to the two kingdoms (church and state issues).

National Day of Prayer, to me, at least in its current form, is just a bad idea with good intentions.

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