Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dr. Adams Chart

Found this neato resource on the net...

For some time I have been referring people to Dr. Adams' assessment of what the division is within the LCMS. He argues there are three basic groups, the "Traditional Lutherans" the "New Evangelicals" and the "Moderates" (or really, "Liberals").

But recently I ran across this handy-dandy chart based on the Adams article. Very helpful in understanding what actually DOES divide us in the LCMS today.


Barbara said...

Thanks for these files. They are a great analysis and very helpful.
Your friend in Christ,

elephantschild said...

These have been very helpful in describing to family what "all the fuss" is about.


Christopher said...

Philip Schaff made these distinctions in his assessment of American Lutherans in 1855.

"New Lutheran" - General Synod, which he questioned why they even called themselves Lutheran

"Traditional Lutheran" - Missouri

"Moderating Lutheran" - Pennsylvania Synod/General Council

He used these and noted the difference between doctrine and practice of the three groups.