Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The Largest and Most Obvious Cut at Our Disposal"

Yeah, that's the money quote from David Strand as he answers a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter regarding the "Issues Etc." cancellation and protest.

I could suggest some larger and more obvious cuts, myself. As with most financial decisions, even in the church, they are reflective of our priorities. We put our money where our heart is, but not always where our mouth is.

The truth is, if the leaders valued Issues enough, they would have found a way to keep it, and cut something else. But if they were looking for a reason to cancel it, money is certainly a convenient excuse.

I also like the line in which he marginializes the malcontents, "He pointed out that the 7,000 signatures make up one-third of 1 percent of the church body." Techincally true, but very misleading. What's the old rule, for everyone who writes a letter to the editor, there are 100 other people who feel the same and just didn't write it in? Something like that.

HT to Josh Schroeder on the news story.

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Anonymous said...

The Synod-in-Convention of 1200+/- delegates held every three years only requires a quorum of 1/4 (300 or so people) to do business, of which only a simple majority is required to pass Synodical resolutions (151 people or so). That's barely more than double the number of people protesting at the International Center.