Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just ran across a nice website-

Congregations can set up a page for networking with other members, posting bulletins, etc. Grace's MyChurch page is:

Check it out for your own congregation, or if you are a member of our congregation in Racine, click on the link to join.

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solarblogger said...

The most powerful earthquake I experienced was in 1971 when I was five years old. It came in the middle of the night, on one of those nights I had climbed into my parents' bed. I woke up and my dad was holding my arm so I wouldn't fall out of bed. The house was REALLY shaking. But my dad made it feel safe, so after that I would ask, "When is the next earthquake?" I thought they were a blast. As an adult I have retained some of that. But now the feeling is "This is pretty cool...if it stays like this and doesn't get worse!"

As a Californian, I didn't realize how "earthquake conscious" I was until I lived in Massachusetts for school. I needed some bookshelves, so the campus sent a handyman out to put some up on a wall. The guy installed them over my bed. My immediate thought was, "I can't have a bookshelf over my bed. The books will fall on my head during an earthquake!" Then, "There won't be an earthquake." Then, "But what if?" Then, "There won't." I learned to sleep with the shelves overhead. But it took some doing.