Monday, November 13, 2006

Lutheran Quiz

Just a fun quiz to while away the weekend: Just copy and paste the questions and answer inbetween.

1. If you could name a church that you would attend any name at all, what would it be?
"Transfiguration Lutheran Church"

2. What is your favorite Advent hymn?
"O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"

3. What branch of Lutheranism are you affiliated with?

4. Which is your favorite vestment color?

5. Why do you remain a Lutheran?
Because we teach what the Scriptures teach.

6. If you could change one thing about Martin Luther, what might it be?
The whole tirade against the Jews

7. What do you believe is the single largest misunderstanding about Lutherans or Lutheranism?
(Held by many Lutherans as well) "The differences don't matter"

8. If your branch of Lutheranism could change in one way, how would you have it change?
More unity in practice.

9. Were you born Lutheran?
No, but I was baptized Luthrean as an infant.

10. Have you ever invited a non-Lutheran to attend church with you?
Many times.

11. NOT including Eucharist, what is your favorite part of the service?

12. What is your favorite item to bring to a church potluck?
My appetite

13. Name 3 things that made the best pastor you ever had, the best pastor you ever had.
- He knew his stuff
- He remained faithful, even under fire
- He cared for the sheep
(This is what I expect of EVERY pastor)


Pastor David Hansen said...

Great series of questions ... Would you mind if I circulated them to the blogging lutherans?

Preachrboy said...

Go ahead... I actually swiped it from a Beliefnet Luthrean Discussion group.