Wednesday, November 29, 2006

House, M. Div.

The latest listing to the Lutheran Blog Directory looks like it could be lots of fun. Those of you who watch the show, "House" will appreciate this Lutheran pastor who writes in the Dr. House persona.

It seems particularly fitting, too, because that character reminds me of Dr. Luther -crabby, ridden by infirmity, and yet very good at what he does.

Anyway here's the new blog's info:

Law, Gospel, and no B.S. You might not like it, but you can not like it all the way into an eternity with your Savior. If you want your theology watered down and relevant to your Soccer Mom needs, go to Rev. Cudd(l)y in the ELCA. (S)he probably has plenty of what you want, but be sure you're wearing asbestos.

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Kaleb said...

So sorry this blog is gone... the concept was brilliant! :o)