Monday, May 29, 2006

This weekend...

I planted my annual garden this weekend. Took me most of the day on Saturday. Anyway, here is the result:
It's not much, but I enjoy it. A couple of observations about gardening:

1) I breathed a light curse or two at my forefather Adam, who by his sin made work into toil. But then, the Old Adam lives in me, so I can't really escape blame for the curse either, can I?

2) It's great that this time of year our lectionary takes a turn toward the agricultural. "I am the Vine, you are the branches". Passages like this have more meaning in the planting and growing and harvesting seasons than in the dead of winter, I suppose. But it's always nice when everyday life is reflected in the texts I work with.

3) Gardening is similar, but also different than the work of the pastoral minstry. In one sense it is different because it is a very tangible accomplishment. I can look at the end of a hard day of work, and see the "fruits" of my labor. Often, in the parish, we don't see the effects of our work right away (or at all). And so there is something satisfying about physical work for that reason.
Also, the completion of a project is rare in Ministry, as is physical labor. I am sore yet, but it feels good too.


Lynn of St. John's said...

Thanks Pastor for the picture of your garden, I feel like we live in your neighborhood now.( smile )

It reminds me of a little creation song we sing at our Lutheran preschool,
"There's Something in the Garden, What could it be ? There's something in the garden I really can not see. There's something in the garden, what's that funny sound ? ( An Animal Sound is made, like a lamb, wolf,etc. )
A __________ is what I found .

Your garden looks like a pretty peaceful place Pastor (smile)," A picture is worth a thousand words." so they say. Thank you.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Just pray you don't run into one of these fellows