Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grace Mission Sunday

April 30th was our annual Mission Festival Sunday at Grace. This year we welcomed Rev. Wallace Schulz of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation. Our congregation has been supporting LHF for a couple years now. After Rev. Schulz was with us for morning worship and Bible Study, Rev. Robert Rahn, the director of LHF joined us for a luncheon and shared a powerpoint presentation of the excellent work LHF is involved in around the world. We keep Rev. Schulz, Rev. Rahn, and the work of the LHF in our prayers! Here are some photos:

(L to R) Rev. Tom Chryst (me), Rev. Wallace Schulz, Rev. Randal Poppe

Rev. Schulz in action

Thanks to Samuel Pierce-Ruhland for the fine photos.

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Lynn of St. John's said...

He came to our church too, to tell us about their work in Russia. Due to reading your blog I visited the LHF Website to read some of " Who is Jesus ?" and their School Mission Program that's available,and posted their link for Pentecost AD2006 for those parents who might be missinformed about the gift of tonges in Acts. Thanks Pastor