Thursday, May 25, 2006

Random Thoughts 2

More random thoughts....

1. On the term "serial prayer": This has been used to justify, in our circles, participation in interfaith gatherings. The idea that even though it's wrong for Christians to pray with non-Christians, if the Buddhist prays first, then the Christian, then the Muslim, (even in the same "service" or "event") that it's A-OK!

It struck me today that "serial prayer" is much like "serial monogamy".

2. Confirmation: 8 Young people will have their Baptism confirmed next Sunday (Pentecost) here at Grace. Which reminds me of the question, "Who is confirming What in 'Confirmation'?" My best answer is that it is God, through the congregation and the pastor, who confirms one's baptismal faith - and then that the confirmand confirms it in response.

We will also be using the highly preferable Confirmation rite from the forthcoming LSB hymnal this year, and finally leaving behind the LW version. Phew!

3. Pew Cushions: I have often remarked that my congregation has been remarkably free of conflict in the 7 years I have been here. Lately, I have been joking "that's about to change - as we decide whether to install Pew Cushions (and if so, what style and color)". Currently our pews are simple wood, with no such coverings.

While I am sure some people actually do feel more strongly about such a decision, I will concern myself rather with Preaching, Teaching, Pastoring.... and leave the "tough calls" to others. My position is one of decided neutrality. Besides, my chair up front is already cushioned anyway!

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