Friday, May 06, 2005

Purpose Drivel?

No, not a type-o in the title. The following are some LCMS Lutheran perspectives on the best-selling book by Rick Warren.

The first one listed, by Scott Diekmann, is a more detailed, 23 page critique, which points to some flaws in "PDL" I had never heard of (i.e. the whole issue of Bible translations). Nice work, Scott!

Mr. Diekmann sent me his article recently, which prompted me to post the other critiques I have read. So here are those that I know about:

“The Purpose-Driven Life - A Lutheran’s Perspective”
by Scott Diekmann (LCMS Layman)

“A Critique of ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ By Rick Warren”
by Pastor Joe Fisher

“Reflections on The Purpose Driven Life in Light of the Doctrine of Vocation”
by Professor John T.Pless

The Lutheran Witness (online), April 2004
(pages 8 and 9 of the .pdf file)
Pastor Paul R. Naumann – (With a “friendlier” take on Warren)
Professor John T. Pless – (Sidebar with an “alternative suggestion”)

Issues, Etc. Broadcast Transcript
With Radio Host Todd Wilken

EDIT 3/31/06:
Check out these thoughts by Chris Roseburgh:
Extreme Theology

EDIT 6/19/06:
Satire piece by "HornSwoggled"
Lutheran Church to Study Koran

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