Wednesday, May 11, 2005

PETA Kills Animals!

The "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" (PETA) has a PR problem, it seems.
Their problems don't stop there. But this is an amusing development.

Times Square Billboard Declares: “PETA Kills Animals”

My General thoughts on PETA:

As a Christian, our approach to animals is formed by scripture. God clearly places them, and all creation, in our care. We are to use animals for clothing, food, etc... But like all of God's gifts, we should treat them as such. They do not belong to us, ultimately, but to the Lord.

Nevertheless, they are not human beings created in the image of God. Christ didn't die for lions, tigers and bears - but for humans. The Fifth Commandment does not apply to Fluffy.

Still, we look forward to the "New Heaven and Earth" when this broken creation is restored. Will that include the animals? I think so! Does that mean your dog goes to heaven? That's a little tougher to say.

I think the scriptural, Christian approach is a balanced one. Unlike the PETA approach, which confuses many of these issues by claiming animals are equal to humans.

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