Thursday, May 19, 2005

Kudos to Richard Fritz!

A Grace member, Richard Fritz, recently had this letter printed in the opinion section of our local paper. A fine analogy:

Oppose abortion

Recently the paper and other news media had published the horrifying store of the two young children in Zion, Ill., who lost their life by the hands of one of the fathers.

Another story that doesn't get much attention is one of a young woman with child that goes to Planned Parenthood for counseling.

Her child has a body, legs, arms, a brain that was formed 18 days into her pregnancy and a heart that was formed 22 days into her pregnancy with it's own separate heart beat. She now is counseled into having an abortion. The question is, what is the difference in these two stories? Answer: Murder in both cases. Life is a precious gift that we should honor as such.

Richard R. Fritz

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