Sunday, April 10, 2005

Revelation - The Movie

How many times can this be done, really? A Hollywood scheme to tap into our fascination with the occult, mingled with a misunderstanding of Holy Scripture. Let's see... Schwarzenegger did it... Demi Moore.... How many other apocalyptic knock-off movies have there been? Puh-leez. Too many.

Having said all that, yes I will probably see this one too. I get asked about these kinds of movies, and I think it helps me answer the questions if I have seen it too.

Here's the link if you wanna see what I am complaining about:

At least they got it right and didn't call it "RevelationS!"

That's an even bigger pet peeve.


Chris said...

NBC is also going to do a dramatic mini-series on the end times. And yes, they are calling it "RevelationS". I posted some thoughts at my blog:

Preachrboy said...

Grumble grumble...