Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hymn - "Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled"

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
Tune: Angel’s Story
“O Savior, Precious Savior” Lutheran Worship Hymn # 282

“Let not your hearts be troubled
Believe in God and me.
I’ll soon go to my Father,
But this I guarantee:
When I go to his mansions,
And place for you prepare
Then will I be returning
So you may join me there”

“We know not where you’re going,
How can we know the way?”
Tell us, Lord, how to get there,
Direct us, Lord, we pray.
“If you would know the Father,
If God you want to see,
You already have seen him,
For he is here in me.”

“I am the Way to Heaven,
I am the only Truth,
The Life of all the Living,
My resurrection proof.
Let not your hearts be troubled
And rest your souls at ease
None come unto the Father
Except who come through me.”

© Thomas E. Chryst, 2005.

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