Monday, March 21, 2005

You're kidding, right?


Underwear. It can say "I'm sexy." It can say "I'm confident." But can it say "I'm waiting for marriage?"

That's what Yvette Thomas is banking on. Her growing line of clothing, WaitWear, plasters slogans like "Virginity Lane: Exit When Married" and "Notice: No Trespassing On This Property. My Father Is Watching" on underwear and T-shirts, and is meant to inspire young people to abstain from sex until they tie the knot...

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Andrew said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and thought I would comment. I am an 18 year old male who will be attending Concordia University Nebraska next year for Pre-Seminary studies.

With that out of the way, on to my comment:

Interesting, very interesting. It seems that the people that would buy this clothing would have already made the decision to wait until they were married to have sex. I doubt a saying on underwear would really inspire anyone to wait...really and honestly. I have bible verses plastered to the walls of my office, but that doesn't keep me from sinning. I'm choosing to wait because God says its best, I trust Him, and I want to give my wife all of me someday.

God's Peace through Jesus,
simul justus et peccator

Preachrboy said...

Hey Andrew...

Thanks for stopping by.
As to the article, it seems there is quite a debate going now about abstinence. Do a news google on abstinence and STDS and see for yourself.

But as to the underwear question... I wonder if the "technical virgin" isn't what's driving this. The idea that you can have all other kinds of sex, except actual coitus, and still fulfill the letter of the law.

A Lutheran understanding of the 6th commandment would certainly not jive with that kind of thinking.

Andrew said...

I actually wrote a paper for a college writing class about this very debate (on the side of abstinace of course!). There is a lot of debate going on right now, especially what is to be taught in public schools.

I attened a camp for high school youth last year, and the topic all week was in a word: Sex. Having done a lot of study on this sort of thing, and after talking to many of my peers, the "technical virgin" idea is very real. I think most people forget that God wants us to be pure in heart and mind as well as pure in body (although we can remain pure only through the grace of God as Luther points out in his Large Catechism under the sixth commandment, specifically 415.212 if you have the Kolb translation of the BOC).

God's Peace to you as you continue your ministry.

Kristy said...

Hello Pastor,
I was reading my friend Andrew's blog and wanted to give you props on your reply to his post early this week.
I'm going to agree with Andrew on the fact that most people make the choice to have sex or not by the time it came to buying such an item. I'm a Sr. in College an I know myself and the choices I make and one of the biggest ones in my life is to wait until I'm married to go through such an act. Bob Lenz (great motivational speaker) use to say "sex is great, sex is good...when you are married to that person." "Such an act should have you, your husband or wife, and God involved." Just wanted to say hey and thanks for your posts they are inspirational.
God Bless and Have a Joyous Easter