Monday, March 07, 2005

Hymn - "A Journey to the Valley"

“A Journey to the Valley”
Tune: Anthes
(LW # 345 “Come unto Me, Ye Weary”)

A journey to the valley
Where bones lay dry and dead,
Ezekiel the prophet
Through heaps of death was led.
The Lord posed him a question,
“Can these dry bones yet live?
Oh Son of Man now tell me,
What answer do you give?”

“You are the Lord Almighty
And You alone can know”
The prophet waited rightly,
For God His pow’r to show.
He showed it in the prophet,
By power of His word,
Now spoken in the valley,
“Know that I am the Lord!”

The bones began to rattle
As flesh and skin reformed.
Soon soldiers slain in battle,
Their bodies were restored.
God’s power re-creating,
Just as the Lord had said.
They silently lay waiting
But, lo, they still were dead.

A second time proclaiming
To bodies cold in death,
Their spirits thus reclaiming ,
From wind to give them breath.
The life returning to them
Just as God’s Word commands.
His power had renewed them
The host again did stand.

Lord, save us from the Valley
Of sin and certain death.
By sacramental blessing,
Your Spirit gives us breath.
By your sweet Word of Promise
By your strong, saving hand,
You save us all through Jesus,
That other “Son of Man”.

© Thomas E. Chryst, 2005.

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