Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hymn - "There is No Condemnation"

"There is No Condemnation"
Tune: Foundation
(LW # 411 “How Firm a Foundation”)

There is no condemnation for those, who in Christ,
Have a nature controlled by the Spirit of life.
And oh, what a blessing, what power in Him,
Who has freed us from death and the power of sin.

What the law could not do, God would do through His Son,
Who fulfilled all requirements – for us, it was done.
Our sin was condemned, at the Cross, in the Christ,
As an off'ring for sin, only His life sufficed.

Those who live in the grip of the old nature’s way,
Cannot please God in what they may do, think, or say.
Their hostile desire, versus God will rebel,
And their course leads to nothing but sin, death and Hell.

But to you, who, controlled by the Spirit of peace,
From the old sinful nature, He grants you release.
Though your body will suffer, will age and will die,
Yet your spirit is righteous, in Christ, and alive!

© Thomas E. Chryst, 2005

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