Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Youth Survey

With great interest, and some sadness, I read the results of the 2007 LCMS Youth Gathering survey here.

My first thought - wouldn't it be interesting to compare the results with a smiliar survey done at a Higher Things conference? Especially on worship issues.

Other thoughts:

To his credit, Rev. Dittmer seemed to admit the limitations of the survey. This was a totally unscientific poll, but still perhaps some interesting observations can be made.

I would suspect a similar poll of LCMS adults would find similar answers to most of the questions, perhaps with the exception of politics - in which the adults would likely trend more Republican.

Dittmer comments, and I would agree:

Like it or not, our young people seem to be trending with society on issues like sexuality, homosexuality, the war in Iraq, woman's ordination, church fellowship, and so forth. These values and concerns are important to the church. So, the church and its local congregations must become more proactive and engaged in teaching their young. A Youth Gathering every three years can't do it alone.

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