Monday, January 14, 2008


Communisquity - (from the English "commune" and "promisquity") n. def. - The practice of approaching the altar to receive the Lord's Supper at a congregation with which one does not share the same public confession.

Like "shacking up" (living together without marriage), those who partake of the Lord's Supper at a church of a different confession do so promisquously. Consider the similarities:
  • There is no public declaration of union, yet one seeks the benefits of such union.
  • One's actions say there is such a union, even if his words and other actions say there's not.
  • It is done in the name of "love", though Scripture tells us true love "rejoices in truth", it is not loving because it minimizes the importance of truth.
  • It is often done out of ignorance, for the culture (and in some cases, the church) has condoned it. But this does not excuse the behavior. Education is needed.


Frank said...

I was a member of my current parish for three years before anyone told me what the Eucharist was and what it did for me. Since my missus a good Lutheran, and since nobody asked why I hadn’t attended a church in 15 years, I joined the congregation by saying I believe everything you guys do. Nobody even asked the former atheist what he even thought Christianity.
When I did find out that Eucharist was something more than snack I was angry because not one person in three years had bothered to tell me. This in spite of the fact that during that time, I know that I was making some really weird theological statements.
Eventually, I was catechized and taught how God feeds his Church by patient friends in the parish and a new pastor who was able to deal with an enthusiast in the kindest manner possible.
Your last point speaks to me the loudest. “Education is needed”, indeed. But I’m very concerned that we are so afraid of straying from postmodern sensibilities that we are afraid to teach what the Sacrament of the Altar is and what it does.

Jim Roemke said...

Great post! I linked to it on my blog. I think another big problem is the misunderstanding of what love truly is. This true with both promisquity and communisquity. We put way too much emphasis on "feeling" something about love, when in fact, much of love must be based on objective fact, i.e., I am married to my wife and have vowed to be faithful to her, therefore I MUST love her. The same is true with the Church; God has sent His Son to die for my sins, therefore, whatever happens in my life, He MUST love me because He has given me His name in baptism and has fed me with His own body and blood. I get so sick of emotoholics! They are a pleasant side-effect, not the whole enchilada!