Thursday, July 12, 2007

LCMS Convention Updates

As I mentioned, I will be trying to provide a daily reflection on the day's events. This may depend on my access to the internet.

But there are a couple of other sources you may wish to check out for convention reporting.

One is the live video stream and other sources provided by the LCMS website. See here for "How to get convention news"

Another is the reporting of Pr. Speckhard, of the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau (ALPB). This intra-Lutheran group certainly tends toward a more "moderate" stance, and Pr. Speckhard describes himself as a "company guy". Still, it's another perspective.

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Jeff said...

No compeling reason not to vote for Keischnick? Can you say "Doctrine"? We could have just given Behnke a slap on the wrist but he wouldn't take it and neither would our esteemed President.