Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Check out this interesting article by Cal Thomas "Hillary on Her Faith".


Dan at Necessary Roughness said...

Perhaps "triangulation" would best summarize her religious principles. :)

Scott Scofield said...

Impressive article, more for identifying the tension between campaigning politicians and doctrines of faith, then for specifically calling out Clinton on her liberalism.

Politicians are faced with a heated, ongoing debate about religion and faith in the public sphere - now more so than in the past, seemingly. I'm not defending them, necessarily, but it doesn't seem surprising that they would hedge their public comments toward the general - even Bush tried his hand at "compassionate conservatism" early on - attempting to attract the 'do-gooders.'

Politics is all about compromise, (in that to govern a pluralistic society many views must legitmately be considered), always has been - compromise, though, doesn't fit well in religeous doctrine.

Politicians are not theologians, nor are theologians constrained by the realities of politics - I suppose the tension is inevitable. Perhaps, from one perspective, socially healthy.

I've never been very convinced about the precepts of Mormonism - but if Rommney had a better plan for governance than the other candidates - I'd be more interested in his plan than his ideas about salvation - I'm not hiring him to preach!

Negotiation and compromise are the work of a politician in a modern democracy - those that don't believe that aren't really interested in our form of democracy, they want a system that is nonnegotiable - absolute - and there are governments that operate like that - fortunately, not ours.

The current administration - just as an example (and having nothing to do with my own politics) compromised very little, if at all, in the past 6 years, and they suffered huge for it last November - and their party is getting ready for another broadside this coming election season - just listen to the GOP senators moderate their rhetoric.

Politicians have to pay attention to polls - it's how they get their jobs. Religion - not so much!

I don't care for a number of the presidential candidates - but for reasons other than their professed faith and lack of doctrinal discipline.

Again, though, good article for those reasons - thanks for posting it.