Tuesday, June 12, 2007


From the recent LCMS Youth E-News:

ARE LCMS YOUTH WORKERS COOL? . . . In the May thESource, a "coolness" poll yielded the following results about LCMS youth workers:
25% say they work really hard NOT to be cool;
17% said their peers might say they were cool but students, not so much;
25% responded "Nope. Pretty much uncool"; and
30% said "Totally. I am so rad."

My answer: Who cares?


jWinters said...

Well, I don't think anyone really cares and it's obvious that this is just a little joke survey. Still, it's not an entirely bad question.

I'm not a youth worker (as much as people might want to put campus ministry types and youth workers together, there is a fair amount of seperation), but if I were in charge of a youth worker and he was a dork I would wonder a little bit.

Youth workers work with youth. Youth are hypersensitive to what makes you cool and what makes you dorky. If you haven't picked up a little bit of that sensitivity, then you probably haven't been doing your job.

It's not a one to one. I know some dorky youth ministers that do an awesome job. I also know some dorky pastors who would be great with a variety of age groups.

The other thing is the answers provided - any of those answers could be the "cool kid" answer depending on how mocking or modest you really are.

in Christ,

Preachrboy said...

Maybe I should have asked that question on my scale of 1-10.