Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Church Dress Code

A Phillipine Archdiocese has issued a dress code for church-goers.

My first thought:  not a bad idea!  My second thought was a woeful recollection of a young woman wearing a visible thong to church...

What's with the move toward more and more casual attire in our churches?  Is it linked toward a more casual approach to church?  Where does the respect factor get lost in all this?  

I wouldn't want a law... but an encouragement isn't a bad idea.  Dress up, wear your best, and be respectful when you come into the presence of the Holy God.


jWinters said...

The problem with dress codes is that they're percieved as uniforms (i.e. the dudes in your picture here).

Public encouragement, I'm with you, I think is a good idea. I think the visible thong issue should be treated like someone who forgot the deodorant and a shower --- pull them aside and say, "wow, this is really embarassing for me, but did you know.....?"

in Christ,

Pastor Hovland said...

I believe society is moving to a more casual dress code and the church attire is reflecting this change.

I want people to be comfortable but I also think that we should dress respectfully.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world did you get the idea that going to a church meeting is coming "into the presence of the Holy God"? Not from the bible, that's for sure.

God is with us at all times (thankfully), and we entered His presence when we were born again, and will never leave it. Church is for disciples to edify each other - NOT "worship." At least, that is, according to the bible. (1 Corinthians 14.26, Hebrews 10.24, etc.) Dude - forget the traditions of well-intentioned religious people, and actually open the bible sometime. THAT is the better way to honor God.

Preachrboy said...

Matthew 18:20
"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them."


That's Jesus talking.

You are right, he is always with us. But he is also with us in a special way when we gather around his word and sacraments with other Christians. There we receieve his gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation.

And yes, he is also present in his meal, "This is my body.... This is my blood". Surely many doubt these clear words of Christ or count them as symbolic, but he speaks plainly about his gracious presence in his supper.

And yes, Christians do edify each other when gathered together for worship, but this is not the primary purpose. The main thing is to receive the gifts of God. This is the highest worship. This is what God wants - to give you something you need.

A close study of scripture would show how New Testament worship is grounded in Old Testament worship, and how each in their own ways, point people to the Christ.

Well I could prattle on about worship for some time, but I suspect I've given you enough to take issue with.

Don't be so quick to dismiss the traditions of religious people. There's some very good and biblical traditions!

Anonymous said...

Well of course there are good traditions! On the other hand, traditions can be Satan's tool to take otherwise fine people and lead them away from God's intent. You surely know the many times Jesus confronted this problem. The Pharisees weren't "bad," but they had their priorities confused, and placed "good" traditions ahead of plain scripture.

I know you don't know me, and I run the risk of coming off as a rude person, but I'll take that chance.

Look back at your response to my first note, and see how many things are in there that are NOT in the bible. Here are some examples: "he's with us in a special way" ... "sacraments" ... "there we receive his gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation." These ideas aren't in the bible, they're traditions we inherited from Roman Catholicism.

And if you read the whole context of Matt 18, you'll discover that our Lord was not referring to an assembly of saints in general, but one convened to excommunicate someone. He is "with" them in agreement, not in presence.

As I say, I don't intend to be ugly - I'm just suggesting that there are way more blessings to be found in the pure spiritual milk of the word than in our traditions (however fine they may be), and that when a new generation comes along who asks questions about the way they dress in church ... maybe we should allow them to CHANGE culture/tradition, particularly when it's in keeping with the plain teaching of scripture.

Sorry to ramble on.