Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tagged by Beefstew

Well, it's another game of tag. So here's my five:

1. I just won a 12 player fantasy football league, finished 3rd in the one that I run, and 2nd in the fledgling Higher Things league. Not bad, eh?

2. As a 10 year old (or so) I "officiated" at a "Tom Thumb Wedding". The bride/groom and wedding party were kindgergartners, and I was the "preacher" in this mock ceremony. I'm not sure what the point of it was, but it was a strange foreshadowing of my future anyway. Here's some pics:

3. I use a Tracfone (disposable cell phone). But not that much.

4. I drive a Geo Prizm. When I first got the car, I once mis-typed it, "Getto".
Since then I have called it my "Ghetto Prison". It looks like this (sort of):

5. Though I don't get to it often, I enjoy photographing cemetery monuments.
Here is one of my favorites:

Guess I tag: St. James the Hoosier

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