Thursday, July 07, 2005

Logical Fallacy Hate-Mail

After my recent letter in the local paper refuting the UCC pastor who supports homosexuality, I expected to get the usual hate-mail response. Today it came, and it actually made me laugh out loud.

A card, actually, which read on the cover, "What Jesus Said About Homosexuality". When you open the card, the inside is blank.

So, if I am to understand this right, if Jesus didn't speak directly against it, then it's ok, right? Then we must also list as acceptable moral beahviors:

-child abuse
-money laundering
-insider trading
-voter fraud
-impersonating a police officer
-domestic violence

Well, I suppose I could do this all day.

Too bad these anonymous opponents of mine don't have the courage to engage in a civil discussion of the matter. But then when your position lacks substance - it's hard to do that, isn't it?


KC said...

LOL...My Favorite which really irks me..Actually there are 2- Used by the sodomites especilly.
Judge not, lest ye be judged, ( they never give the complete verse, for which the measure you judge..etc) and JESUS said LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!
PUHLEAZE!, Oh and yea this one, Jesus Walked among the sinners, he forgave the adulterous woman...( yea and he also said SIN NO MORE!)

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Pastor Chryst,
You forgot to mention pedophilia, cannibalism, necrophilia and torturing puppies. Jesus never said it was wrong to torture puppies.

I have come across that particular argument myself: Jesus never said anything against homosexuality. And I too have listed off the other ninety gazillion evils that aren't mentioned explicitly in the Gospels. It amazes me that people actually think they're making a good point. And I also believe that anyone unwilling to sign a letter is not worthy of any attention.

I know a pastor whose church council meetings used to be plagued by unsigned notes to himself and church officers. Finally the pastor stated publicly that he would no longer read (nor respond to) any letters that lacked a signature. Unsurprisingly, the critical letters stopped coming, and now their church council meetings are peacefully running the congregation with an eye for their mission.

Preachrboy said...


I certainly am not going to get my shorts in a bunch over this one. But I do think that it is useful for illustrating the absurdity and weakness of their position. Sort of a "know thine enemy" approach, eh?