Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Jesus Loves Me - Calvinist Version

A pastor friend of mine sent this to me. Just a little jest at Calvinism's expense:

Jesus Loves Me
A Calvanist Rendition

Jesus loves me! This I know
For Election tells me so
Sovereign God loves me so well,
Too bad He wants you in hell!

Yes, Jesus loves me
Maybe He loves me
I hope He loves me
I guess I’ll never know!

Jesus loves me! I can sin
While the Spirit stays within
Christ has triumphed, this is true
Died for me but not for you


Jesus loves me! Who is He?
Sovereign God is all I see
From eternity to damn
Am I Jesus’ little lamb?


Jesus loves me! So they say
I’ll find out on Judgment Day
Every man is all depraved…
Holy Cow! I hope I’m saved!


Jesus drove me to despair
I can’t find Him anywhere
Guess I’ll pray to someone new
Tell me, what would Buddha do?

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