Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hymn - "Grant, Lord Jesus, Those in Blindness"

"Grant, Lord Jesus, Those in Blindness"
Tune: Der am Kreuz
(LW #95 "Grant, Lord Jesus, that my Healing")

Grant, Lord Jesus, those in blindness
Born into this world of sin
Grant to them Your loving-kindness
Cleanse them of the guilt within
Let the blood of Jesus be
Healing balm that we may see
Washed by Word and Water Holy
Gaze upon our True Light only

To the man born blind and begging
Messianic mercy shown
Spit and dust, balm of Your making
Medicine this world unknown
When the mud You had applied
Washed with water from his eyes
Sight would come and then believing
Eyes of faith would soon be seeing

When the Pharisees heard of it
Put the once-blind man to test
He then called You, Lord, a prophet
With true insight he was blessed
So blind were those Pharisees
Their own sin they could not see
Could not see their souls' damnation
Or in You God's free salvation

Grant us, Jesus, when in blindness
Groping, fumbling, lost in sin
Grant to us Your loving-kindness
Light from Heaven breaking in
Shine light on our failing eyes
Open them to see the prize
By Your Spirit grant us vision,
Faith and blessing for Your mission.

© Thomas E. Chryst, 2005

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