Saturday, September 21, 2013


Total hat tip to Rob Olson (there are some who call him, "Tim") for this:

What are the oaths/vows you have taken in your life, and do you still consider them binding?
A short list of mine:

Baptismal (by proxy- sponsors and parents)

For me, the above, all completely binding and still in force.  I hold these to a higher standard than the rest, promises of a solemn and lifelong import.

And then there are pledges:
The American Flag
The Christian Flag
Boy Scouts?
Cub Scouts?
other societies/organizations?

I can't remember or think of all of these, though I am sure there have been more.   Rob, I would like to hear more about your thoughts on the history of the "pledge of allegiance" and the book you mentioned.  In any case, this whole exercise was good food for thought, and I would encourage others to think it through as well.

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