Monday, November 07, 2011

Lord, Save Us

Lord, save us from generic faith in generic God. Convict us of sin and grant forgiveness in Christ, specifically.
Lord, save us from "Jesus as example" and teach us Jesus crucified for sinners.
Lord, save us from the Bible as a rulebook for victorious living, and teach us your word of suffering, cross, and Christ victorious for us.
 Lord, save us from ourselves, our own ideas, our own words, our own works.  Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and fulfiller of our faith.
 Lord, save us from faith in ourselves, for our best is but filthy rags.  Clothe us with your righteousness in Christ.
Lord, save us from false teaching even in what we consider it unimportant.  Instill in us a keen ear for every word that proceeds from your mouth.
Lord, save us from mere feelings, which in sinful man so often deceive.  Give us ears to hear your word, both law and gospel, no matter the moment's emotions.


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Anonymous said...

Jumping up and down in agreement!!!

So well said.

This is going on my wall.