Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Sermons...

Pastors, do you ever look back at your old sermons?

I just finished updating my "Sermon Index" (see the sidebar). I've been blogging my sermons since 2005, and every so often I update the index - it makes it easier to find an old sermon than by slogging through the blog archives.

But in the process of doing so, I had a chance to glance over many of these old sermons. It's been an interesting experience. Sometimes I will be disappointed at the direction I took. Or I'll think a sermon was awful. But then there are some old favorites that I remember fondly.

I suppose it's natural and good to grow in your skills as a preacher, as with any profession. I hope I'm a better preacher today than yesterday.

It's also been interesting to sort of see what texts I have preached on many times, or that I have preached a LOT on John and Luke, for instance.

Hopefully soon I can start uploading audio or maybe video again - we'll be updating our A/V system here at church, soon, too.

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