Wednesday, April 06, 2011

on Genesis 44

Today's OT reading from the Treasury of Daily know the passage where Joseph frames his brothers as they are leaving Egypt for home? I couldn't help thinking about how this points to Christ.

Joseph makes his innocent brothers into thieves, to accomplish his purpose.
Jesus makes thieves, like the one on the other cross, into brothers as his divine purpose.

Joseph brings them to Egypt, where they are eventually enslaved.
Jesus frees us from slavery to sin and brings us to the Promised Land of Heaven.

Joseph uses his own silver cup, made of precious metal, to do it.
Jesus uses his own sacramental cup, filled with his precious blood, to do it.

Joseph wants to be reunited with his father.
Jesus wants us to be reunited with His father.

Judah takes the place of his "guilty" brother.
Jesus, descendant of Judah, takes the place of all the guilty.

"Why have you repaid evil for good?" Joseph asks his brothers.
We could ask Jesus, "Why have you repaid good for our evil?"

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