Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Best Election Comment Yet

Here's the best comment I've read yet on the election, from Pastor Petersen at Cyberstones:

Tuesday's Winner Prophesied
Here is what will happen . . .

the Church will win. The Lord will provide. All things will work together for good. The Lord's man will win the election tomorrow. It will be for the good of those who love God.

That is not to say that the winner will be good. I don't think that is an option in our system. But what will be good is the will of the Lord that He will work for His Church.

Think on the good the Lord did through Caesar, through Leo X, through Napolean and Hitler and Sadaam Hussein. Sure, I'd prefer restful days of peace. But the reality is that restful days of peace are dangerous. They lull us into complacency. The Church militant does not have the option of resting or suing for peace or finding a compromise. She fights until she is relieved of her burden. And when she is too weak to fight, when she gives in to temptation, when she tries to make her own way, then the Lord in His mercy brings the fight to her in the form of persecution - from within and without.

No matter who wins tomorrow, I expect persecution, intolerance, hatred of the Truth, and hard times are coming. The division in our country and the razor's edge of violence we rest upon is not only in the secular realm. It is the character of today's LC-MS and Lutheranism the world over. I don't see any easy days ahead. But I do see good days. I see days when men confess the Truth and learn to love not their lives to death, days when priorities become clear and the Word of God is cherished.

Trust not in princes. Empires fail. The Word of the Lord endures forever. He will provide. One way or another, there is always a Ram in the thicket, Our Lord in the wrath of His Father that we be spared and inherit the Kingdom for free. That Kingdom will not be overcome or cease. So cast you ballot tomorrow and then cast your cares away. It does not matter if you candidate wins or loses. The Lord will provide.

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